Where to have dinner?

Avoid the touristic restaurants and certainly have dinner at ‘my’ places.

I just want to be sure you don’t fall into a ‘tourist trap’.

Yes, I did try them out … ALL!

Fancy (make your reservation upfront!)

Dim DiningVrijdagmarkt 7 (Michelin star)

The best Asian restaurant ever ever ever!

It will be an experience you will never forget. My number 1! Make sure you take the Saké pairing.

Het Fornuis – Leeuwenstraat 2 (Michelin star)

For years and years the best French classical cuisine. No menu, the chef will explain the dishes at your table.

Fiera – Lange Nieuwstraat 14

Have dinner in the historical trade fair. A magical setting!

Nathan – Lange Koepoortstraat 13 (Michelin star)

Fantastic, cozy restaurant in a not so known – but really nice – neighborhood

Great food

Maven – Luikstraat 4

Heaven for meat lovers! Trendy restaurant with a DJ!

Bun – Volkstraat 43

Explore a fancy Vietnamese kitchen.

Nage – Reyndersstraat 17

Have a romantic candle light dinner.

Bien Soigné – Kleine Markt 9

Just 2 choices for starter and main, but really good !

Bianconero – Kronenburgstraat 35

Take the suggestion of the chef for starters ! And you will need to sing… Just sayin’

Ferrier 30 – Leopold De Waelplaats 30

Fantastic pasta and service!

Mandraki – Kaasrui 13

It could be possible that you need to throw a plate.

Non solo té – Riemstraat 2

The owner does it all! He prepares the food, serves the plates and informs you about his excellent wines!

Typical Belgian kitchen

De zeven schaken – Braderijstraat 24

Next to the city hall, you can eat excellent Belgian dishes.

Try the pig cheecks.

De Bomma – Willem Ogierplaats (right across Het Steen)

Very nostalgic place with old scool dishes. You can even bring a picture of your grandma to hang on the wall.

Brasserie De Herk – Reyndersstraat 33

A hidden treasure with a nice patio in the middle of the city.

Bizzie Lizzie – Vlaamse Kaai 16

Classical authentic kitchen.  


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